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For a short time-span project like this, getting something shorter that shows off the mechanics faster is probably a better idea than staggering them out so much across what is admittedly quite a bit of content with some neat ideas, but a lot that most won't get to in such a short time (most people will only really play a game for a few seconds to a min if there isn't much intrigue). I have a feeling you made the game in order as you can see a considerable improvement as it progressed, but getting solid mechanics first and then adding more content is more important.

Also a good idea would be to zip both the exe and the data folder together and just upload that as one thing rather than 2 downloads.

Hey beeseekay,

Thanks for the feedback! You were spot on with the way I progressed through the game in both the content and the development as a whole. With this being my first timed jam, I learned quite a bit for the next one and I will take some of your ideas into future development! Thanks for taking the time to play it, it really means a lot! :)