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This game's been very interesting so far, but sadly it crashes on the day after the moment when Christian is being yelled at by his manager for bruising his face. :c I tried changing a couple of my choices but it still crashes...

Okay, I changed some more of my choices and managed to proceed without a crash, but here are the choices that led to a crash:

- Simply introduce myself.

- Ask about her plans for tonight.

- Because you don't like me.

- "You enjoy writing romance, huh?"

- To get the job done in the best way.

Thought I'd let you know about it! Anyway, I love it so far. c:

Thank you for your support and we're very sorry for the inconvenience! Version 1.1 has just been uploaded to fix this error. If you don't wish to download the whole game again, we've also provided a much smaller 1.1 patch file. Just make sure you follow the instructions and please let us know if there are any more issues!

No problem! Thank you for the very fast update and for the patch, it's much appreciated. :D