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Hey, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the mod you created. I’ve been looking for something like that for years now and finally found it. This changes the game and its gameplay tremendously. I know the mod is one year old, but I still wanted to thank you and share my ideas.

So, I’ve been thinking and the concept is really good but there are just two things that would be great if they could be changed. I heard other people talk about this too, it’s the camera movement and change of direction. Maybe it could be possible to let the sim change direction when holding the right mouse button down and dragging the mouse in the preferred direction while pressing W. Then the camera perspective would also shift with the change of direction. I hope this is understandable. I never programmed a mod like this, so I don’t know how hard or possible it is. Many direct control/first people games work like that. Games such as Minecraft, GTA 5, Roblox... I’m not sure if you know any of these games, but they all use this technique which makes moving quite easy cause you basically only use your W key and your right mouse button.

One thing that is also a little annoying are the doors. Every time I play in the first-person mode I have to go out and make my sim go to the other side so that the door opens. Maybe there could be a way that the doors open automatically (like a door sensor) or you can open the door by clicking on it.

Again, I would like to point out that I highly appreciate the amazing mod you created, and these are just some ideas. I don’t know if your gonna see this but it's worth trying I guess. 😊