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I'm going to be brutally honest: it was pretty difficult to play. I get bored pretty easily and I like playing games as quickly as I can, so I'm a bit disappointed when I know what I want to do but I can't do it quickly. Why did you choose square wheels? It felt so dissatisfying to do the basic function in the game. The few levels I did play had some variety, but weren't designed in a way that taught me the mechanics of the game. An example of the type of level progression I would have liked: First, a straightaway. Then, a turning path. Then, something that involves backing up. Then, something that involves backing up while turning. Something like that. The levels I played felt unfocused, like the designer didn't have a clear goal in mind for each level, aside from "this level is different from the last."

I do like the lawnmower model + sound fx, very cute.