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Sorry, I don't currently have the time to work on this project.

However, Bitsy HD is open source - so anyone can grab the code and make their own version. Another user did rebase it to the 6.0 version, but that version is untested. You can grab it straight from github and give it a spin

If I hear that it works well enough from few users, I will be happy to put that version on here. Otherwise, I treat it as an experimental build.


That's no issue! I don't have any actual coding experience so I can't complile my own latest build with the HD abilities so I am trying to rely on that 6.0 version.

However when I download it it just shows a black screen where the sprites and world is supposed to be, but I can't tell if it's on my end or if it would benefit from being hosted on itself. If you got any ideas on how it's supposed to work then let me know!

Thanks! Your tools are something I've been looking for and appreciate! Even though this 5.2 build is a little outdated and harder than the newest one, 6.0 is something I think is good enough! 

hello Felix, after encountering the same black screen bug, i tried hosting it on a local live server with no avail. Afterwards, i used this online version of bitsy hd to download the html and tried importing it inside bitsy hd version 6 but that didn’t work either. As a last resort, i tried copy pasting the game data inside the x2v6 and it worked.