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I'm not sure the theme comes out of this one very well, it almost feels like a tacked on thing that makes the game worse. Because the game itself is quite fun, fun enough to make me play several times and try to do better.

I get the feeling that the reload may not have been the right choice, I think it doesn't necessarily add anything to the game, and a simple shooting delay may have been a better fit.

Decent amount of enemy variation, but sometimes the drop pods come a little abruptly. It would be fairly simple to fix; just make the pods that fall on the left half of the screen to come down from the right, and vice versa.


Thanks for leaving a comment!

For the theme of dual purpose design I actually implemented quite a few functions into the game to support it. I suppose I should add them to the submission description to highlight them though! The health and score being combined into a single number gives the game its core of dual purpose design.  For instance let's take the action of killing enemies:

Killing enemies grants the player score which in turn provides them with health. This health is used to keep the player from dying and unlocks additional abilities for the player to use against their enemies. This little bit of emergent gameplay is only possible because of this dual nature.

I also tried to make sure every mechanic in the game at least attempts to fulfill multiple purposes. If you play the game long enough you unlock shell jumps for example. This upgrade make double jumping provide the player additional height, but also fire a ring of bullets in all directions. 

I agree with your point on the reload. The game can feel quite frantic in the later stages, and I have felt limited by the reload each time. Though the game jam submission period is over I'll rip it out and try some other methods of fire rate control.

That's a pretty clever fix for the drop pods too by the way. Thank you! :)