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Oh man, is there any way you miiight remember which side quest? Cause I know a couple random townie sidequests can pop up, and I think there might have been one that came from the fireside meetings that I missed entirely in my first/main playthrough? Can't use the car right now so I've no reason to build it (not even for the money, I've already got tier 3 workshop lol, nothing left to do now but work on the wiki until 1.1) but it'd be good to know!

I watch at the rewards from all the quest I small engine... I'm srry I give u hope but no, the quests don't reward engine :( ... When I enter in Mine I get 30-35 artifacts (power stone, old parts)  per run... I go in mine 2 - 3 times (one time for stone, one time for copper, one time for both) a week and spend all day till 3.00 AM (when u "die")... that's how I get them I have 2 in stash and don't need now. GL

No worries, I just wanted to know more for the wiki than anything else. Much appreciated though! Thank you much!

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If u need Plant Fiber don't cut down small bushes or small trees ... that bush who gives Plant Fiber will respawn every day this way... I, in need for wood cut all and no respawn for bushes only give only one and the respawn was only 4-5 plants per day no bushes at all ... bushes give 1-3 Plant Fiber...if u have any questions shoot, maybe i can help somehow...that Wiki is great... good job

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Perhaps that's a bug? The thorny, flowery bushes that you can chop down to get fiber seem to respawn for me, but I only figured out they give plant fiber later on (because I never bothered trying to chop them down before) so I'll have to double check that. But I'm fairly certain they respawned for me. However, some of the bushier trees that just give wood do NOT seem to respawn for me.

Also: thank you! There's still a ton of work to be put in but it's coming along nicely, very much thanks to some lovely contributors that have joined in to help! I couldn't do it without everyone's wonderful help.