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Absolutely amazing!! Takes a bit of time to understand the scope but then easy to carry on, you feel the journey and earning.

One thing not sure of is the opacity of options (Android) - dull white which can be tweaked maybe...?

Few questions,  1) How to fish exactly with that red box 2) çan I keep on skipping pool content with Michelle/Lisa

3) No opt to take Michelle shopping (opt for lisa there but not corrupt enough) and and same with Lisa to swim...?

4) where to use spa? 


Thank you. Today comes the new 059b. :)
Yes it gives a lot of to do in the game. And the Scene Checker that will come next year will help to find it better.

Thanks for the advice i'm not into Android and my helping hand for android was a long time offline.

1. I don't exactly what do you mean, red box? If you click on the water with the angel you get a fish or not.
2.If you play from the beginning without cheats you shouldn't lost content.
3. Perhaps your stats are not high enough or the cutscenes shows not up
4. You need it for Jenny


Ohk, no I meant is it ok to skip pool? I don't want that Jack content.. it won't hinder the main story line, right?

yes it has no influence on other stories.
In the future it will give an alternate route.