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Hey again Scum. Tried that name change and it doesn't seem to do it. If I use your exe everything works fine, of course, so if necessary ill just do that since it is the intended way to use it. However, what i'm trying to do, is have all of my doom wads on the same list, in the same GZDoom launcher. When I take Shrine 1's ipk3, (named shrine.ipk3) and shrine 2's ipk3 (named ShrineII.ipk3), AND, Lycanthorn 1's ipk3, (also named shrine.ipk3) and I haven't tried Lycanthorn 2 yet because of the issue here, but I assume its either named shrine or shrineII. 

Obviously this means I need to rename the ipk because of identical names. Well, after changing the name to anything, including the ipk3 to pk3 change, it works in the sense of, Lycanthorn takes over control of the other ipk's data and position in the launcher so when I launch what was shrine, it will open Lycanthorn, but now there is no shrine on the list until I remove the Lycanthorn ipk3 from the file no matter what it's name is. It's still called shrine in the GZDoom list, but when opened it will be Lycanthorn. 

Understandable if this isn't doable though, given what I'm doing is far from the intent. By all means ill just play the exe's if entirely necessary, it's purely just a QoL thing. 

To replicate my issue, take your GZDoom file, put the shrine 1, 2 ipk3 in the file and open your list. Open shrine 1. Examine. Close GZDoom and add the Lycanthorn ipk3 to the file naming it whatever you prefer, either adding a number or changing it to lycanthorn. Open GZDoom again. Open what you now see as shrine 1(nameoffileyouchanged). 

Good luck on whatever you decide to do!

I'll be around for any updates you make!

Also, why no level select in Shrine?