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I'm gonna ramble a bit. The tl;dr is: I really, really enjoyed this.

The art is gorgeous, the music is gorgeous. The way it's all integrated is immersive, extremely well though out, and balances storytelling with gameplay really well. I've always thought these 'phones-as-an-extension-of-their-user' games are really interesting, but I'm not a fan of how most of them are done. This is an exception to that! I got this game in a bundle, so I hadn't read the description and didn't know what to expect from it beyond the warnings at the beginning. The story was told well, I like that it's kind of an "open world" story, something you discover in the order you choose to look through things to some degree, and as intensely as you choose to. It wasn't all told at once, it was something where you got the vibe of where things were going, but pieced it together without necessarily knowing the end-game, and I definitely think how quickly you parse it out has a lot to do with your experiences. The ending gave a closure I was worried wouldn't be there, and it's an ending that feels fulfilling. I really enjoyed the "puzzle" elements, they were simple enough to not be frustrating (with the exception of one password that had me stuck for a bit), but interesting enough to make you feel immersed and make it feel like a game properly. No part of this game disappoints, and I would absolutely recommend it!

Now, some potentially spoiler-y parts of my perspective on this game, do not read through if you haven't played yet!:

I think the forums were a really interesting and wonderful way to show that part of the story. It gave some education on trans topics to both questioning or newly-discovered trans people as well as cis people who may be playing the game, but there were no objective standpoints. I didn't agree fully with a chunk of the things characters in the forums said, but neither did other characters, and I appreciated the fact that those perspectives and conversations were realistic, they're conversations you'll have in a room full of trans people of different walks of life, and that was acknowledged in the game. There's no absolute, 100% correct answers or an objective trans experience, or LGBT experience in general. I really appreciated how this was done. It wasn't a shoe-horned PSA, it was an accurate perspective of a trans teenager seeking support, and the realistic perspectives of her support group. I liked it a lot.

The trope of "trans kid chooses variant of their birth name" is a little overdone and tired in media, and isn't all that common (though absolutely is the case for some) IRL, but here it makes sense, as it's a story you're figuring out and you wouldn't want to deadname your character in promotional materials or confusingly spoil the game, so I think it was a solid choice to go that route.