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Lovely little thing! It's cute, could be super calming and is an absolutely beautiful game. I unfortunately couldn't get far though, and can't in good conscience recommend it to anyone who has migraines, epilepsy, motion sickness, or any similar problems. If there were settings to turn off the blur and turn down mouse sensitivity, this would be a perfect little relaxation simulator, but unfortunately the headache of moving the mouse even a little killed it for me. A really cute little thing regardless though, and if the blur isn't an issue for someone, I'd definitely say this is worth experiencing!


Thank you for your great feedback! And I'm sorry that you could not finish your short trip on a boat, I should have been more careful about the game accessibility and motion sickness. It's really a important question that it can not be ignored during game production, even for short indie game :)

Maybe I can update the game but I'm not sure the source project still working to be honest. Anyway, thanks for sharing your feelings as player, it will be helpful for the next games!