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You seem to be vouching for specifically ranged focus combat. This, I disagree with.

To address your solution to the presented problem, firing all the guns isn't really going to help you here. If I side strafe around you, I'm not going to get shot. You firing more bullets at me that still miss is not going to solve your particular problem. 

As to why I disagree with your purpose, the last thing we need is for this to turn into a gun game more than a melee game. It feels like it was designed so you can quickly close with people to hit with swords. Making it harder to do that would promote people playing keep away and time out to win. 

Guns as a primary loadout require much more investment, which is fine.  They're there to help melee, which is probably why you can have 4 ranged weapons as opposed to 2 melee. By design, they're less powerful because you can equip so many. 

Given that multiplayer is coming along, the last thing I want to fight when I go online looking for a quick game is someone shooting me like, once, and then running away and exhausting the timer.