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Hey ! Very good game for so small ammount of game good job.What engine you used to make it though ? I'm new to these stuff and I am mostly practicing with unity what engine you used to make this game ? or programming langauge I guess

Oh I saw on of your earlier replies I guess you made it with unity very interesting I didnt know it was possible to make graphics like this in unity.Can you make some tutorials for games like these ? or maybe a livestream when you join another game jam like this maybe ? :D

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There is a way to render all objects with a pixel effect in Unity using an image effect on the camera. So in other words, you can make a game just like normal (with normal details, etc) all you need to do is add this image effect to the camera and the game will output in a low-pixel rendering. Makes it a whole lot easier to get the desired effect.

Hmmm Cool thanks mate.