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Dedicated Collection is a short collection of single-player mini rpgs inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen's Dedicated album.

It's two pages with really lovely layout, but maybe a slightly confusing structure. The game is laid out in a way that it can easily be folded into a pamphlet, but it's sort of unclear which direction you're supposed to read in at first glance. I eventually figured it out (sections marked I correspond to the first game. Sections marked II correspond to the second, etc,) but I struggled for a minute with this.

Content-wise, Dedicated Collection is really interesting though. Its games are all fundamentally emotive devices---you key into an emotional state in the middle of something you were doing (such as talking with a friend, sitting by yourself, etc.) All of the games sort of encourage you to stay in that state, so I would recommend a tiny bit of caution before you play, but it's neat to see a game so laser-focused on inducing specific feelings.

Overall, Dedicated Collection is a really cool, lovely-looking short game collection that does a great job of getting you into the headspace for certain emotions. It's not a narrative-y or game-y game, but if you like feeling things I would recommend picking it up.


Thank you for the kind words! You're right about the layout being odd. It's a relic of trying to change the layout from a one-fold booklet (with one bit per half page) to a two-fold pamphlet.

The intent was that it works as a physical version that builds on itself as it's unfolded. Maybe not the best approach for a PDF, but something I'm experimenting with!