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There should be a game mode where you should last for as long as you can with upgrade abilities, like increase weapon damage, increase bash damage, and maybe upgrade your armor?  Also what would be cool is like a shop, where you can buy better armors, better weapons, helmets and upgrade those as well, and how you get to upgrade them well, killing knights, as you kill them you get coins or points which you can use to upgrade your weapon to make it really powerful, or when you want to buy another weapon such as, warhammer you can buy that and upgrade that to make it even more powerful. another thing is that when you kill knights, it gets harder and harder, they will have better attack speed, more health better at blocking and such, it would be cool to upgrade the warhammer at max and just bash those knights and see them flying and see them hitting the ground really hard xD

This is a very very early demo of what the game will be.

I'm going to be adding more weapons, shields, different armour.
You will be able to pick up anything that falls to the ground when an enemy dies.

There will also be different types of weapons, Range weapons, Blunt weapons like warhammers, and the crowd is going to be interactive and actually affect the gameplay!

What about adding like a big knight as a boss or something