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There are two modes to the color modulator. Solid mode and LFO mode. In solid mode the entire shape is a single color - and the way to modulate the color change rate is with the "hue rot" dial that is under the "saturation" dial.

In LFO mode, the color modulation is performed in HLS color space - and each component (hue, lightness, saturation) has its own modulation controls.  To modulate the speed of the hue you would adjust the "hue mod" dial (the one to the right of "hue width".

In general the "width" dials of each control determines how wide the values are applied around where the color chooser UI node is, and the mod dial controls how fast the modulation occurs. 

Hope that makes sense.

Hi, and thanks for the detailed reply. I'm feeling a bit dozy, as I slightly misunderstood the controls there - I thought the 'mod' controls were essentially the overall amount (which I guess is actually covered by 'width'), but it's pretty obvious that they're speed.

It was specifically the hue I'd got confused on. I wonder if in some future version it might be possible to increase the range on this? ie to modulate the hue faster? I'm also mucking about driving the laser directly with an audio interface, and am getting some quite interesting results modulating the rbg inputs rather quickly. I appreciate this is not quite the same as hue, and also that I don't know for sure that this isn't bad for the laser, but it seems to be dealing with it OK. Just a thought, anyway...