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Hi! Sorry for the late response. I'm a full-time student in a non-CS field, so staying on top of programming stuff is difficult. 

My recollection of the game was that picking up previously collected credits did not award you the credits again. That being said, I could very well be wrong, and regardless I do think it's better from a design perspective to allow farming credits. 

I should have some time in the next couple of weeks to remove the system I put in to disable farming. Will comment again then! 

- Patrick

Hi Patrick, thanks for the game and being able to relive some nostalgia!

Farming previous missions was definitely a feature in the original game, and without following a strategy guide it is completely necessary for experimenting.

A couple notes since you said you are on mac: I've run this in firefox on both linux and windows with no functional issues (other than the farming).

We look forward to the update :)

Hi Patrick, really appreciate the reprogramming effort to bring this game back to life!

As others have noted, farming was present in the original, and basically becomes essential in mid-late game. Not to pester you but do you have any guesses as to when you might disable the system that prevents farming? Thanks again!