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(I think I'll just edit this comment as you complete each entry)

1      PARRY
The concept is great of course and I appreciated how you tuned the level design for comic effect. What really interested me though were the some of the ripples which you introduced.

The main thing is that I felt I had to consciously change how I play this sort of game. I found early on that parrying felt inconsistent, but this was because I was focusing all my attention on enemies and so was expecting my sword to behave the way I wanted without actually thinking about what I should do to make that happen.

Allowing rockets to exist offscreen seems like it might have been a simple decision but I was surprised by the degree to which it changed the experience. Forcing planning movement as opposed to just dodging whatever's on the screen feels consistent with the point above about awareness of input.

It seemed like a rocket would stop seeking you once its launcher had been destroyed but I wasn't sure. I liked how the behaviour looked, whatever it was.