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Guys I just got a score of 18!

I watched the videos posted by you guys, really fun stuff, but I noticed the game doesn't really explain it's mechanics easily and is definitely very hard!

I just decided to test it out myself properly to see what difficulties you were all having, I think currently an average score of 10 is what I'm getting... I'd like that to be at least about 30.

So the game should be easy enough that you should get to about 20 to 30 on average, and beyond 30 or 40 it should be really hard to push past.

I'm gonna be fiddling with a few things, including the amount you have to tilt to lift your Shield,

the AI will fight more conservatively too, trying to keep themselves alive rather than being so aggressive, at least at lower levels.
Right now they don't even change at all depending on level!