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I'd love, love, love to play this game, been holding off on watching a let's play for forever, but I have the same issues as others where I get through the intro screen and then it stops responding :( and I even have 12 GB of RAM! I'm guessing my laptop's CPU is too weak or something? This is with both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

edit: worked itself out! If I wait long enough (like, 10-15 min or so) the game loads and runs smoothly. Unfortunately, now I'm dealing with a crash (despite using the 64 bit version) that seems to happen every time I approach the temple across from the marsh tavern, where the audio cues continue as normal but the screen is frozen. Everything else is enthralling! Although just to check, [spoilers] is it intentional that I retain my inventory whenever I quit and come back, even though pickups respawn?