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Just watched your playthrough! Really enjoyed watching, I particularly liked the accent you gave Mikhail! Haha :)

 Thank you ever so much for taking the time to play Moonlight Fortress and for providing some feedback! I have made a note of the points you made.

I also realised that you didn't encounter a bug with the trader. You don't have to search frequencies every day, just only when you want the trader to turn up. After Mikhail joins the team, the only purpose searching frequencies serves is to call the trader. This could definitely have been made clearer! Apologies for this!

Glad you enjoyed. Maybe to make it clearer in the game, if you update it, whenever you use the radio have a "you contacted a trader" popup window. I think I did suspect that it was the radio, but I'd been playing for a while already. But no worries, it was still a fun game :D