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This game is INCREDIBLE! I've been following it for a while now (it's been on my mind since I first played the demo about 6 months ago) and I only finally had a chance to pick it up and play it. I got it on Steam, during the Summer sale, but I wanted to post a review here.

I couldn't put  it down for about 4 days straight, and it hooked me so completely from the get go. The only gave I've felt similarly about is 999, which is probably my favorite game ever.

I love the romances - the fact that there are both GxB and GxG in one game, Shira, Marco, Shira... (Did I mention Shira? I really, REALLY love Shira), and I especially love how the romance wasn't just shooed-in, but instead actually have a place in the plot. In fact, if they don't interest you, there's Normal routes for everyone too! (I might be mistaken but it seems like you could actually get most of the clues without having to do the romantic routes? I did all of them though!)

The music is incredible, the sprites are very nice (I'm usually not a fan of more Western art, either but it really worked for me here,) the background art is very nice and the small cutscenes (like Marco with the cards) and CGs helped a lot with the immersion.

The writing is stellar, and a huge part of what makes this game so engaging. I felt like it does a perfect job of revealing the mysteries slowly. Too often I've found that the mysteries come out of nowhere but things in this game feel very well foreshadowed and paced, without giving too much away. When you're 25% in, you know about 25% of the story.

I can't finish my gushing without mentioning the setting. I absolutely adore the setting. I'm usually not a fan of fantasy settings because they can be stereotypical or bland but SoulSet's was SO interesting. I loved that world, and how all of the magic was really used to the most potential.

If there are any complaints I have, it's that the CGs being in a different style than the sprites was quite noticeable. I loved the art styles for both but it pulled me out of the game as I was playing. But it's just a very minor nitpick. Overall, I can't wait to see more from this company. I really, really loved SoulSet, and it blows my mind that it was done by such a small company. I think its story truly rivals many of my favorites.

I want to finish this review by thanking Nayru, MstMori and Marcianek for bringing this incredible project to light, and I also wanted to ask if there's any possibility of getting the physical SoulSet artbook or any other of the indiegogo merchandise for this game (since I was a bit late to learn about this project.) If not I'll just pick up the digital one.

Edit: One last question - why is it called NoBread Studio? Is someone allergic to gluten? ;D