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Thanks for supporting the Ouya. I like it but the screen keeps jerking and makes it hard to follow.

Hello, I would like to solve your issue, soo tell me hows the screen jerking and on which system? on the Ouya?

Yes the Ouya

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What exactly it's happening?

Does the screen froze and then it move again and it skip some frames? I've notice that on my Ouya on my game and in others and sometimes it happends when the Ouya is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi, but stabilize after a while or you can turn the Wi-Fi of the Ouya off.

If you mean the screen scrolling left and right, that's how the game works, to keep the purple ball in the center of the screen, also  it's important for other stages that are wider.

Tell me what do you mean by screen jerking to be able to give you better support or try to reproduce the problem on my Ouya soo I can look for a solution.