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Cool short game overall, the setup is good and tense. I love the fact that characters are already menacing so when they turn on you, you begin to think about EVERYONE you've encountered so far that you'll now have to kill/evade and that was stressful.(I really freaked when I realized I had to go through the cafeteria again) I ran into a few bugs (fell out of world, blocked by stairs geometry) some of the paths where not easy to find.The controls are ok overall but OH BOY did I needed the cheats! I feel like the gun jamming is more or less a death sentence: there's WAY too many spots where you'll simply end up in front of a barrage of enemies you simply CAN'T get through (do people actually finish this without cheats?) I think the gun jamming is not a bad idea and adds lots of tension but it could have been for just a few pulls of the trigger or make you waste a magazine instead imo