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Very Fun and well made. But in the next version can you please add some things like: After dying becoming the zombie as a choice, multiplayer, also i dont know why but if you can do this.. i know this is weird but.. maybe add a suicide option..? Sorry but i think that if you were turning into a zombie you would be in need of that option. Anyway maybe add modes like: Endless which is kind of already the game, boss mode,  no weapon mode,  'Survivor Mode' which would be you play as a citizen and have a bot fill in playing the game and killing the zombies. Also add minigames maybe? A minigame suggestion is being in a box surrounded by walls and 1 window on each wall (even the roof). And you get a question mark under you which only has 1 use and you get your chance of survival with it. It is your gun which you shoot through the windows and kill the infinite number of zombies coming also infinite ammo. No citizens or anyone.. just a box, windows, and zombies. If the zombies readh your box they will climb through the window and attack you in cutscene style so you have nothing to do exept train your reaction time because while the zombie is attacking when it gets through the window during the cutscene you will have to left click very fast to shoot it. I hope you actually could read this because its so long so hpe you think about it and good job making the game even without this because this game is very good.