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I just have a small question about the upcoming account system. Are we going to have to choose a unique username? What I mean is if there'll be a "username already taken"., or not? And if so, will we be able to change them whenever? Some people might change them for a video idea, or mod etc. I know it's a bit hard to predict everything right now. I'm just wondering. If anyone knows anything about the username concept, please tell me. 

Anyway, very excited for the future updates, doing a great job!

PS: In no means am I trying to 'rush' the devs in any way with this idea, nor are anyone else. I understand that the main priority for the game currently is moderating the hacking and bugs. This is just a simple idea, not mandatory at ALL. I really don't want the devs to feel rushed and stressed with the new features soon. A game takes a lot of work, and they're already making the game a lot better. Sorry of it might have been a slight misunderstanding. 

I don't think their gonna make a thing saying "username already taken" It would just take the point out of who is who in among us since this is like a mystery game.

Thank you! 

Will it be like how usernames work in Discord for example?

Probably. Well if you connect one to it but there would be other alternatives.