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I have to bring this up because its been one of the biggest issues on Among Us...

Whats the plans to stop among us becoming a pedofile paradise or tinder for children?!
thats all im seeing is lobbys called things like :  ImHorny , I needBF, iNEEDGF, 
daddy,  mommy,   dadof2 dadof1 mom of 2 etc.... its like, strange they need to advertise that?

how soon can you guys get accounts sorted so maybe people can begin reporting these?

its getting to the case now when you join a game, people just hit the alarm just to use the chat for flirting reasons.

or use the discussion board when they should be discussing the imposter instead of working out each others ages and who has insta/snap its all i see.

Not sure how many will agree with me there as i dont see this getting brought up much, but i think its a big problem thats due to get worse.

As it says in the post, their going to make an account system so you can report accounts, so just remember that will happen.

This shouldn't a problem 'cause among us isn't for kids, but guess what?THEY PLAY IT ANYWAY BECAUSE THEY ARE DUMB. There's not other word, simply if you're under 10 y/o just don't play a murder game when you don't even know how to chat