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Hey hey! :) I've lost count of how many times I replayed this game and I honestly don't know which options lead to this result but I can take a gamble; what I did: at childgood I selected max comfort and a crush level, for step 2&3 I maxed both meters. I often selected actionss that showed upfront fondness (there's no right or wrong, it probably just shows how direct or indirect you are at being close); I had the first kiss scene in step 2 where the MC and Cove can't oficially date yet since they're not adults yet. In step 3 I chose options where both characters were dating for years, maybe this had an impact? Uff it's hard to tell, but I think if you replay the game it's bound to happen :D this game is just too amazing to play it just once! xD I hope this helps!


Thanks for help!! I think that the upfrontness was the thing that did it for me! 

Again, thanks for responding!! ❤️

I'm happy that I could help :D!