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So I am not completly sure how it happened, but I came at the top wall at an angle and was able to clip though it. I will see if I can send a screenshot

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Ok, so I repeated the glitch but sadly, before I could take a screenshot, it became nightime and I was sent back to my house. I think If you stand 3 blocks back from the wall, there is a chance that you can clip through the wall.  

Thanks for the information. I'm still not able to reproduce the bug. (I believe that it is happening! It's just hard to replicate these things sometime.) You mentioned that you were standing about three blocks south of the top wall - about where were you standing in the east / west direction?

I've gone ahead and changed Unity's Tilemap collider from "outline" mode to "polygon" mode. This'll get pushed out in the next update (today or tomorrow). I think this will solve the issue, but I'd like to reproduce the bug first so I can prove it. I do appreciate the bug report and the help :)


Ok, I was able to take a screenshot, but the problem is that I came at the wall from right in front of it. This defeats my idea that you can clip through from 3 tiles away. Also, I came through the wall on top of the chest.

I've solved the problem! Hahaha.

Being serious, though, I wasn't able to reproduce the collision bug. I did change the Tilemap collider to polygon mode. While I'm hopeful that fixed the problem, I can't test it to be sure. Thanks again for the info!

You are welcome! I like the way this game is going in! :)