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I think that maybe you are not looking at this from the right angle. Clearly this visual novel was not written in the same, normal style of dating sim that most vns are written in. This game, from everything I am reading, is more heavily focused upon STORY. The author had a story to tell, and that story is theirs. I think that maybe you are free to not want to read a story that you don't want to read, and free to walk away from it(so honestly nobody is forcing anything upon you), but it's honestly kind of rude to try to dictate how someone's story should go.  As a person who writes myself, I can tell you this: An author is an artist, and words are their medium. If you don't like the art, just walk away. But don't think to dictate how an artist should paint/write/sing/ or dance. Art cannot be contained, cannot be caged, and each artist should be free to express themselves as their inspiration dictates, else it is not art at all. To be fair, there are plenty of otomes that cater to the LGBTQ community's tastes. Some people prefer straight romances, but you don't see them hounding the author of a game about it when there is no straight romance option in an otherwise intriguing game. They simply don't purchase it; nor do they feel the need to rub it into the authors face in what feels like an attempt to MAKE the author change. I feel that it is only fair if we treat other games the same way.