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I added decals and decided to stress it out a bit by leaving a blood of trail as i walk around:

Decals are basically done from the engine side, except that i need to write the code for importing them from the world files so manually placed decals will show up in the world (which should help to enrich a bit the environments with dirt, cracks, foliage, debris, etc). The editor needs to make decal manipulation a bit easier, but nothing big.

After that the next is making the enemies fire back. Yeah, i know that i wrote above that i'd work on this next :-P, but after having blood puffs in the world disappear i wanted shooting and killing enemies to leave something more permanent (after making the video i made the enemies spray blood in nearby walls when you shoot them :-P).

My immediate ToDo list for the game from a programm PoV is basically:

  • Game menu and HUD (the engine side is done and i'll use parts of another project of mine for the scripting side)
  • Weapons system (monster and player weapons) and monsters fighting back
  • Pick up items (ammo, weapons, health - these need both HUD and weapons system)
  • Doors and lifts with lockable versions and keys to unlock them
  • Dialogs (the game wont be big on that but there'll be a couple of places where people will talk to you)
  • Save/load

The engine side needs some stuff too:

  • Import decals from the world file
  • Add support for audio resources (the engine has no audio code at all at the moment)
  • Ambient audio playback
  • 3D audio playback
  • Support for save/load (will need GUID generation from the editor)

Finally the editor needs:

  • Better decal manipulation
  • Finish the undo/redo code (not everything is undoable at the moment)
  • Generate and retain GUIDs for entities so that saves can be implemented in a forward compatible way

From the content side i need to basically do everything since almost all of the existing assets are placeholders. I did some tests for level layout (the video shows one), but i need to have enough of the gameplay bits working before thinking more seriously about the level design.

And as for the models and textures, i still haven't decided 100% how exactly things will look (at least beyond the main character).