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Deleted 3 years ago

you're really still butthurt after 21 days? I hate to be the one to tell you that 1. you may need a life and 2. spamming EVERY comment this thread won't get anyone, including the developers of the game, to like you, but I guess I will have to be that person. Honestly you've been more of a nuisance than anyone else if I really must be totally honest ;)

Deleted 3 years ago
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you mean how YOU feel lol. Nobody rlse has ever acted like as big as a baby as you are about this and in all honesty thats kind of what indie developers do lol. I've about 90% of the developers of games I lets play and SELF PROMOTE contact me personally too. Dont feel so special buddy its all part of business and marketing and you took the bait pretty hard. You also do realize that "self promoting" helps indie games as well right? You think people are just going to jump up and flat out buy a $10 indie game? No. They want footage. They want game play. They want some kind of proof that this game doesn't outright suck since indie games tend to be a huge gamble nowadays. By "self promoting" I both allow myslef to maybe generate views, AND give hopeful buyers something to watch meaning the game in question has a better chance of being purchased. Not that you'd know anything about the business side of both promotion and game development though it seems. Anyways have fun with commenting on every single comment on here I'm sure you'll pop up in another 21 days lol.

It would be useful if you actually had views. If they want gameplay they are going to watch big channels like, JackSepticEye, Markiplier or LordMinion777 but not a YT'er that is on the last page. This is the last thing I'm saying, you know my opinion, and most ppl their opinion now, and I'm done with this arguement. Good bye sir.

for someone so proud of their own opinion you sure delete your replies fast and sorry to burst your bubble but most people looking into buying a game dont go to jack and mark since they tend to act way too over the top. They go to jack and mark for jack and mark. Keep living in dream world though friend, I've heard its nice in there.