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- Did you enjoy it overall?
Yes, I absolutely did!

- What was your favorite part?
I actually first started with Ben but I never continued and then only did Carver's, because I liked him the most lol. And my favourite part was when Ginger (Starlette's the name I gave her) was trying so hard to flirt with him, he was just like "this ginger has finally gone nuts" and ran away. My favourite part with Ben though was the part when he literally cried. XD I was so confused that it was hilarious lol

- What parts could be improved upon?
People have commented about the name change during the game. I think I had it too? She kept calling herself Ginger or Ging, but I wasn't sure if that was just like her surname or something she goes by. That's probably one thing. There could be more expressions. :) Or maybe more characters. Tbh idrk lol sorry

- Who was your favorite character?
I think I've already said it heh

- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual?
Yes, please! For the love of cookies and cream, please make more~ I'm kind of imagining them being dubbed, but then I don't want you guys to go through that much work lol

- Any other random comments!
This game is 100/10 amazing! I especially love all the humour and I also love how it isn't as cheesy as some games like this. Lol the only cheesy parts of the game were the pick up lines, though those are what made the game 10x better along with the sarcasm & etc.

Anyways, I can totally imagine this being an anime, but it'll have more episodes and more comedy, drama & of course don't forget the romance + cheesy pick up lines. Ugh if you guys ever get to that point in life, I hope you guys turn this into an anime, haha! It'd be fantasic! Just let her end up with Carver lol

I would love to donate to you guys if I had the money to :( Hopefully next time, I'll be able to do that since you guys deserve it. Keep up the good work!