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So I was wondering , how I can support the release any other way than with Paypal :P?

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This is actually kinda hard to answer. does not offer any way of payment other than paypal, and the other alternatives I could give for people to give money would be stuff like Bitcoins (not everyone trust cryptocurrency), Stripe (it works just like paypal but it's known for having a few security issues), I could just give you my bank accont IBAN (but international transfers of money are pretty expensive) or in worst case scenario stuff like Steam or Amazon whishlists that I personally dislike. We are on a time where sending money online internationally is actually pretty hard and I personally don't know any other ways safer than Paypal to do so.

In case you trust Bitcoin, my direction is: 1HQ8w12yGcgLRQbXkFE6gSAQzseZb2EGzd

Other than that, if you can't really send money or don't have any way to do it don't worry. I appreciate the thought and just enjoy the novel.