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Hey there!

I had the same problem, only difference - I'm using Windows 7 64bit.  So I searched for a site to download a file to help me. If anyone has the same problem here is your rescue: I'm from Germany, so I don't know if this will show up in german language, if so click on the read button which says "herunterladen" and you will be linked to the site were you can download the file you need. In my case I first downloaded the 64x Version of course, but in the end it turned out that the 86x Version solved the problem after I downloaded it, installed it and then repaired it. Hope I could help!

And to Tookipalooki: I truly love your game(s)! The artstyle is gorgeous and the humor absolutely hilarious! Hope to see more of it and I wish you all the best! Always believe in what you do, cause you have already proven that you can make awesome games! <3