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It says; "an error occured while launching Goodnight Jemmy (Error: spawn UNKNOWN)"

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I redownloaded the game on my own computer and had the download direct to a file on my desktop so I could find it easily and then ran "game.exe" and I was able to start it up fine. The only thing I can think of is maybe the permissions on your computer may not be allowing the game to run or the files for the game are not all located in the same folder? Your best bet is to try uninstalling the .exe for the game, which will remove all the files for the game on your computer and then try redownloading it and placing the installed game (after you run the install) all in one folder.

Sorry for not replying in a while- it finally worked and I loved the game! Thank you so much for your advice and game. Have you ever tried making a 3 dimensional game?

Honestly I would love to be able to work on another game. 3D or otherwise.  Never know if another artist and I might throw some ideas together. ;3c