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The slippery-ness of the movements are so annoying, but I guess that's just the challenge of the game. I loved this. It was super cute and just enjoyable, especially at the end with the cutesy art style. Such a simple concept, I loved it.

Edit: There were some animation glitches sometimes but it didn't effect the gameplay, once I got hit by an enemy it wouldn't kill me and left me in the "killed" animation (Yes, I know I saw in your description for the note). Sometimes when I killed an enemy the killing animation (The "sparkles" [not sure what to call them]) just stayed and kept looping.


Thank you for playing! Unfortunately at the time of making this I didn't have the necessary knowledge to edit the physics, but I will correct the slipperiness on a future update :>

As for the bugs, sadly I am aware of them all ^^;; but I haven't yet figured out how to fix them. I don't discard that they might have something to do with the engine itself, but I will keep trying!