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The settings on that stun lance!

& the map is so dead-on, just looking at it was enough to trigger my theme park anxiety.

Every bullet is it’s own splash of setting, brick-like both in foundation and density. Unpacking each one feels like is a calendar of tiny doors hiding titanic chocolates.

And the stats on those dinosaurs scream “find” “another “way”.

You didn’t give the are-they-heavy-well-then-they-re-expensive-put-them-back binoculars any mechanics, did you? …You did! And it’s perfect!

Scariest part: You gave cocaine a sequel.

Oh, and I know i’ve never gotten over the promotional material plastered over my paychecks, but seeing promos on the liability waiver brought that right to my forethought and i felt, in that moment, seen in a way both tasteful and imperative.

All the above covers maybe 100 of the 2000-word dear that is this lovingly bowed letter-fold adventure pamphlet. Print it out online or at the office store to give it out as a stocking stuffer for the person in your life with the dino pj bottoms to let them know you know them good.

I love all of this. You guys are the best.