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This game was a lot of fun and achieved what it set out to do! I've found that pretending to be indignant at the ghost helps alleviate the scary factor quite a bit and makes for funny commentary! I noticed from other people's videos that the room with the upside down crosses isn't the end of the game, but the door wouldn't open back up for me once I was in there. My other critique would be to double check the spelling and grammar on the journal pages (things like "could of" instead of "could have"; wrong usage of "their"). Other than that, I had a good time playing this and I'm looking forward to the new version on unity!

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hi!! Thank you for the feedback, the game does lack alot but was made in only two months as a concept. The new version will have a lot more improvements, and seeing all the videos people made  helps a lot as far as seeing what people want and what needs to improve. Thanks for playing and I hope to see you in the new version. 

Also when you go into the cross room, once you grab the key, go to the left cross, it opens the door.