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I thought for a long time what to write about this game, but I just cant find the words that would describe what I felt while playing this game. Everything about it is just... wow. The writing is fantastic, the characters feel so real, the story and themes were intriguing and exciting the whole time, the music and sound effects were absolutely fantastic. Just... everything was amazing.

I never played a game with a story so complex and confusing that, well, actually made sense as I was playing. I felt like the game was guiding me to discover the twists and revelations before they happened and once they happened it felt amazing.

There´s one line in particular that had me legit screaming-laughing of surprise, excitement and that feeling of figuring out the twist before it happened. For me what that single line represents is how amazingly well done this game is, it takes everything I have talked about and turns it up to 100. Of course I dont wanna spoil anything so ill just say its timed (Intentionally?) to the song 'Perception Shift'

Thank you for this unique experience