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What a beautiful and poignant experience, and one that leverages the "I must replay a narrative game with choices over and over against to see all the options" as a core mechanic. I found how you feel the humdrum of the repetition to reflect the jadedness of the passenger quite poetic, and how each new piece of the narrative I uncovered made me eager to learn more, like I was getting closer to my conclusion, artful. I hope this demo remains available as its own piece after the full experience is released, because its brevity allows it to be something quite beautiful. With that said, I am a little concerned about the full release. While I found this experience poignant, I could definitely feel that if it were longer, it could definitely outstay its welcome. I hope that when the full version is released, it will have enough changed and added to warrant that longer playtime. But I also hope this version remains as its own experience.