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- If you want that LR_R will be as good looking as possible then I think that you've achieved that goal honestly! This Demo already looks super fantastic! I like how everything is build for LEGOs and how lighting has handled. 9001/100 in my books honestly! I want to add that animations are quite good too! Nothing too special but they works. Skeletons' movement is funny :D

- Handling: I think that car handles quite good! Others have said that power sliding is missing and that would be huge improvement. Car moves quite quickly compared to LR1 but I think that thi speed is quite fun honestly! It would make game harder if everything is going faster but cannons are as annoying as ever :DD
- Playing with low powered computer: My computer quite struggles handling this game. My FPS was 10-20. I hope that there could be some sort of setting adjustment in final builds that let everyone enjoy the gameplay. (Just a note: in 2-3 years I have to update my laptop to be better one honestly. It struggles so much on new games)

Music and Sounds

- I liked that there was the LR1 countdown at the beginning  :D The music made my feeling a spooky. Good music choice in that department @Hillkill . Sound effects were good too! Skeletons had quite realistic sound compared to LR1 skeleton voices.

Overall I would say that this minigame is big promise what we could expect to Racers Remastered! It's very impressive that you did this with only 72 hours. Respects!
I'm so happy that you might make justice about my favorite childhood game and I bet that many of us will hope too! Thank you for this minigame demo!