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Day 23: A contained situation may be your ideal choice

Nowadays, it’s pretty common to see movies or games where the whole world is at risk. While this may prove to be an interesting idea, you can always shake things up and contain your situation to a very specific region, city, family or person.

Contained situations can open the doors to make the player question its ideas, especially if you present some unexpected choices through its journey. Creating a believable end of the world for a story should be very hard to do and more so to make it believable to the public, while creating a single accident, even if is not a big event as the previous example, can be much more believable and will make us think that there are a lot of immediate consequences at stake for the present characters.

Day 24: Create a website for your project

Creating a website can be a great help for your project; right now, you can even create a free website in a few days, which will help you especially to share more information with the press or people interested to see your past works. Wordpress or hosting services for development like Github allow you to create a free public website within your repository.

For BeWolf Studio, you can see a priority in simplicity and key information (like a small story description and the game’s features), along with high-quality images and a press kit of the title (which you can find here: