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Thank you, and thank you again for your feedback! :)

Yeah, right now there are around 4 difficulty levels which increase after every minute, so the difference should be noticeable compared to the compo version (It only had an additional difficulty level, and you got there after playing for 3 minutes). However, I still need to tune it a lot.

As you say, it is true that in higher levels trying to get enough energy to use the blast is too risky. Some annoying behaviour I've noticed while playing the game myself is that if you're farming enemies from a particular type without having cleared all the others (or if a new critter of a different shape appears), the group seems to "shelter" those guys, so at some point you're preparing to take in several "friendly" bullets and end up being hit by a rogue bullet shot from one of the others.

And yeah, the windows cursor seems glitched :-SS

No problem! Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback too!

Oh maybe you could have an arcade mode too? I guess that way difficulty could adjusted by hand (though there still should be tuning for survival mode) and the blast could become more attractive, like in a boss fight or something... I don't know, just some thoughts xp

Anyway, good work and I'll keep track for more updates! ^^