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That's strange. You seem to be the only one who is having this issue. And I honestly still don't really get what you mean by "Wont let me click start". This is going to sound silly but I feel I should ask just in case.  Have you downloaded the game file or are you trying to click the start text on the image on the top of the itchio game page? I just want to make sure you didn't confuse the image above as being a webplayer game you can play in your browser or anything. It could be an honest mistake. 

If you downloaded the game file and launch it, on the main menu, the title screen, there is no mouse cursor. You just press a button on your keyboard or controller and the game flashes and starts. If you are having issues with installation, please refer to the installation instructions included with the download. Also, please note, that this game is for Windows only. Hope this helps.


oh i thought that was a in browser game thing. oh im using  a chromebook and its the only one i have