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Day 21: Create conflict between your characters

Redd’s Runaway revolves around a story where the main web of characters have conflicting values. Inspired by the work of John Truby and the YouTube channel Just Write, especially the 4-Corner Opposition, I tried to mold a story where Redd would be under constant pressure due to different conflicts with each member of the party, even herself. I wanted every character here to have a personal and intimate point of view about revenge. Redd is, deep inside, a protector, but through the game her values are in constant conflict, as she’s still in a grief state due to her mother’s death.

By developing characters with different values, we can create a story full of conflict, not only external, but internal. I know this may be a bit too ambitious, especially for a Run & Gun game where story is usually not important or is too basic, but I wanted to also express my love for writing here, by developing a story that, I hope, will captivate the player.