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Ok, so I have never ever registered to leave a comment, even on YouTube >_> (I know I'm behind times but it never bothered me) BUT I just HAD to register in order to leave a comment here and that is to say: this game is a masterpiece. Music, ambience, writing, script, humor, characters developement, personality options for the MC, visual art style, plot, it's all just perfect. This must have taken so much time and dedication to put together and I want to let the developers know that they have an amazing talent that beats numerous Big Company games that are on digital distribution services. I haven't played a game that consumed me wholly is ages, and this game just lures you in and gets you hooked. (I absolutely love the plot and the characters to bits). I can't wait until the next chapter is released (and they're super long so it's even more amazing!) yet alone the whole game. I can't afford a montly subscription due to high currency rate of exchange but I'll do my best to make donations whevener I can. I truly wish to support such great talent however I can! My best and deepest regards to the team and I just can't wait to see the game finished as it's amazing in every way. Thank you for sharing your time and talent and letting us endulge in this gem of a game! :D THANK YOU!


The perks of being an adult: opening a paypal account :D! Finally got the money to buy the Valentine DLC. Got cocoa and snacks and this perfect game to play, can this evening get any better? xD Me going after Damon:

  cheers! XD