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Santi! Love the art for this game a lot--the pigeons look especially awesome. I also find it very funny and entertaining that the camera tilts like a bird's head normally would while looking around. 

 My one critique would probably be for the special treats to feel a bit more interactive? Maybe when you throw out the treats, more pigeons come into view, or maybe they have a special animation to come and peck at them. I also think there is a very slight delay (probably just a second or two) from when you press the space bar to when the food gets released to the birds. I feel like if the treats were thrown out immediately after pressing the space bar, it would help make things feel more satisfying! 

That's about it though! The art is great, the audio is great, and the whole vibe is great. This is one of those things that I could just leave running on my computer while I go off and do other homework. Nice work!