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Arch Angel Dating Simulator is a one, two, or multiplayer trpg angel dating sim.

It's 14 pages, and a fairly big file, but it's got a clever layout and really solid writing.

Mechanically, there aren't a lot of hard rules, you just tell a story, but you can pull from a tarot deck if you need a prompt.

There is a *very* solid and distinct feeling to the game though, and if you like writing warm, quirky, humorous supernatural romance, this might be a great engine for writing prompts.

Also: there is a very strong romantic charge to each of the available angels. They all hit different themes / suitor types, and each one has a lot of room to tailor them to what you find most interesting, but I'd be willing to bet that everyone's going to like at least one.

Overall, I don't think I would have expected a tabletop dating sim to be this good at setting up romantic chemistry. It caught me quite off-guard, and if you're interested in being romanced by an angel, strong recommend. If you're not interested in being romanced by an angel, this is still a cool read, and kind of an excellent toolkit for setting up romance stories.

Minor Issues:

-Page 7, How We Meet, "Create your own YOUR Earthly Problems" this feels like a typo


Ah thanks for catching this and such a thoughtful review!!

Thank you for writing the game!