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Day 16: Give feedback to the player

When playing, it’s great to have cues about what’s happening; either with a UI or a natural interface, it’s a good practice to give feedback to the player about the game’s current status. Examples vary, from Silent Hill’s red glow when you’re low on health, announcer voices and messages in Marvel Vs. Capcom, or the Ult indicator in Overwatch. Redd’s Runaway implements a UI based on classic Run & Gun and Beat ‘Em Up games, so players can start a game with immediate feedback about energy, lives and weapons, to mention a few.

You don’t need to think about great systems to help the user: start with a comprehensible UI, along with sound FX and animations that indicate when you’ve done something right or wrong. This will also enhance the player’s game experience, so take your time to implement the best feedback systems you can.